Upto $8999 Cash For Cars On The Spot


Free Car Removal

Car Removal Brisbane

Do you need to get rid of your unwanted Car right away?

At A1 Cars Removal, we will come to you wherever you are in Queensland for Free Car Removal Brisbane.

Contact us! We buy cars of any condition, any model, any age. Running motor or not, no engine, no tires, no doors. We’ll take them off your lawn and off your hands and pay you cash! Yes, you heard that right. We’ll pay you up to $8999 top cash for cars.

We also buy trucks, vans, and four-wheel-drives. These vehicles are worth more than cars so if you have one that needs to be disposed, call us right now! Don’t let it sit and rust away in your yard.

We have a fleet of trucks manned by a dedicated workforce that work 24 hours a day helping clear Queensland residents’ yards and garages so don’t hesitate to call us anytime on 1800 660 681 or 042 673-3668.

Our Free Car Removal Brisbane services include:

  • Free assessments and price quotes
  • Payments in actual, cold, hard cash
  • Immediate cash payments
  • Quick paperwork related to ownership transfers and deregistration
  • 24/7 availability
  • Multiple towing capability
  • Great, helpful, and friendly 24/7 customer support via internet chat and phone

Stop Looking For Other Car Wreckers

There are two kinds of people to the car removal business: the right people and the wrong people. The right ones give you cash to haul your unwanted car away. That’s us! The wrong ones ask you to pay them to haul your old car away. There is a big difference! Don’t make any mistake. Call us right away!

Removing that old beat up junk in your premises is as easy as counting 1-2-3. Don’t make it complicated by calling the wrong people and get yourself all stressed out and a few dollars shorter. No time-consuming phone calls! No added expense! No questions! No worries! You will get paid for your unwanted car right away!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Contact us by sending us a request filling the “Request A Quote” box found on the right or send us an e-mail from on the Contact Us page 1800 660 681 or 042 673-3668.
  2. We’ll knock on your door and assess your vehicle. At this point, we give owners an advice whether to deregister or change the ownership of the vehicle. There are times when the vehicle is worth more if still registered so don’t attempt to do anything by yourself until you’ve talked to us.
  3. If you agree on our assessment price, we’ll pay you cash and both parties will sign papers related to either a change of ownership or de-registration.

Map of our car removal service areas

The map below shows the areas that our car removal team regularly service. If you are based outside the shaded area and need our services, please contact us on 1800 660 681 or 042 673-3668.